Over the past 10 years, Bryce Millikin has endured and overcome such challenges as divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, failed business, financial poverty, homelessness and family deaths.

Throughout it all, instead of giving up and playing 'the victim', Bryce never gave up. His adventurous spirit, determination and dedication to his spiritual and personal beliefs led him to victory.

As part of a personal mission to help and influence as many people in his life as possible, Bryce shares his story and the valuable life lessons he has learned.

Combining his traditional Christian beliefs with teachings of such powerful teachers as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, don Miguel Ruiz and John Maxwell, Bryce delivers a message of truth, forgiveness, sincerity and love in his talks and one-on-one coaching.

An active student & teacher of 'A Course In Miracles', Bryce is fascinated by and identifies with the struggle of Spirit vs. ego that we each endure on a daily basis. This understanding has become the foundation of what he now makes his life's work...helping people live more meaningful and peaceful lives.

Bryce’s message is focused on personal and spiritual development, communication, and relationships and is inspired by his own life’s experiences, disappointments, and triumphs. His sincerity, personal approach and genuine character allow him to connect with and reach people of all walks of life.